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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

I have been painting pictures, images, signs, murals, doodles and sketches for much of my life. As I write this in April of 2021, I am now 63 years old. Recently I have been looking at my oil paintings from the last twenty years and critiquing them. Which ones still hold up? Which are my favorites? What was I trying to do with this “batch” of pictures versus these other ones?

This website is part of that process - an opportunity to put all my work together in one place and see where I have been. Of course, another reason to reflect on the past is to chart a new course for the future. I am hoping for another good decade or two of painting, and I am sincerely hoping that my best work is yet to come!

Feel free to check out my progress in the months and years to come. I will try to share my motivations as well as my actual process and techniques. If you are a painter, or hope to be, you might find things to add to your own practice. If you are an appreciator or collector, you will get to see what I am working on in real time.


Dave Gilsvik

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